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Welcome to the Urbanoir lifestyle – an experience resonating with premium comfort, versatility and formal silhouettes.

Brainchild of an expert in formal tailoring, Urbanoir is a passionate story of high performance, sustainable fabrics, personal detailing and sophistication coming together in complete harmony to create multiutility formal wear.

With utmost attention to functionality, each and every piece is perfect for a business meeting, a round at the gym or an evening with friends.


No More Running Away, Rather Run With Us!

Urbanoir is all about effortless functionality and comfort on the go. We are constantly inventing new technologies to make our products multifunctional and easy to wear. A perfect amalgamation of functionality and comfort. Our commitment to comfort extends to all aspects of your daily routine. At Urbanoir, we strive for effortless luxury.

Green Is In.

Urbanoir is committed to sustaining our environment and giving back responsibly to the communities which support us. From using sustainable techniques like recycling Pet bottles into textile fibers to transparency and diversity in the workplace, we consider ethical and clean design to be of topmost priority.

A Style For Every Story.

Our focus is you and your leisure. Inspired from the stories of the urban lifestyle and modern working professionals, the clothing is made to suit the needs of the Urbanoir man and woman. Our Ideologies compliment a fast paced life. We are here to keep you on the go and looking like a boss, no matter how hectic your life gets.

Smart And Sophisticated Are The Talk Of The Town.

Multi-utility details, subtle colour palettes and textures, consistency of good design and a minimal approach to make Urbanoir perfect for the modern professional who craves for excellence. Every stitch, every texture and every intricate detail combined leads to a seamless and luxurious lifestyle.

A Style For Every Story.

At Urbanoir we help you bring out your individuality and style into the limelight. Tailored to fit your preferences and requirements, A Perfect Fit For Every ‘Body’. We bring you the simplest opportunity to customise the dimensions of the garment, First ever online length customised trousers.
Let us know about you, to take this to a closer bond.

To Easy Formal wear.

With carefully selected premium fabrics and raw materials, we bring to you the highest quality of design and development. At Urbanoir you are investing in the finest experience with every touch, handcrafted to perfection. As leaders in the traditional industry, we seek to innovate and set the course. Curating our products with unparalleled next generation technologies like super crease, anti wrinkle, premium stretch and silicon dot waistband, we are taking a step towards the upcoming fashion revolution.

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