Our Values – Urbanoir

Fair Wages

Urbanoir is committed to creating ethical workspaces for everyone. Every garment is handcrafted in our factories where the third parties ensure ethical standards and to the workers.


We believe in sustainability in all aspects of Urbanoir. From using recycled materials to empowerment of local artisans and communities; Sustainability is a core value at Urbanoir.

Women Empowerment

Urbanoir emphasizes on equal opportunities of employment for women and their further development. Our factories employ over 300 artisans of which 80% are women. The artisans are given proper training, medical insurance, minimum wages and other benefits for their empowerment.

Creating Job Opportunities

Urbanoir is one of the few Indian based brands focusing on sustainable and functional formalwear. We are committed to creating local jobs and providing empowerment to local communities who continue to support us.

Vocal For Local

Bagh print is an Indian handicraft based in Bagh district of Madhya Pradesh characterized by hand printing wooden block relief prints using natural dyes. To provide our support and promote local artisans and their crafts, Ubanoir has incorporated Bagh printing on their packaging and tags.

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