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We have your perfect fit

Buying an Urbanoir product is about investing in an experience and that experience is all about your relationship with the clothes you wear. In order to integrate our customers into our design process and brand aesthetics, we consider customization to be one of our core pillars.

We Are All About You

We want our customers to be distinguish in the daily hustle why blend in while you can stand out. We want you to skip the generic mass produced garment when you can own a piece of clothing tailored to you. At Urbanoir, our customers come first and our design team is here to help you get one-of-a-kind designs with your stories and connections behind them. Customization helps our designers keep Urbanoir aesthetics in sync with your needs and preferences.

What We Are Doing

One size definitely does not fit all. Each body is unique and Urbanoir is here to cater to all your sizing needs. So we start our journey with Customizing The Length your favorite Urbanoir trousers.

Custom Length

Lets Make It Better For Us

We are constantly working towards elevated life experience for you our team leads you towards innovation ads design expansion ,stepping into excusive jacket customization, personalize detailing and made to Measure Pants

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  1. Take a measuring tape.
  2. For the length, measure the outside of the leg, from the waist all the way down at the level of the ankle/foot.
  3. Make sure to hold the measuring tape perpendicular to the floor.
  4. Refer to the illustration for guidance.
  5. Alternative method:
    Refer to the sizing chart provided, precisely calculated algorithm catering to your perfect fit.
    Measuring chart.